Spazio, the new hood presented by Falmec at Eurocucina FTK 2018, won the prestigious Compasso d'Oro 2020, the Good Design Award and the coveted Archiproducts Design Award.

This hood, created by Francesco Lucchese for Falmec, has fascinated the three juries not only thanks to its elegant and contemporary design, but also thanks to the its innovative features.

This model, in fact, maximizes space thanks to the comfortable glass shelves where dishes and crockery can be stored, the channel equipped with hooks and the tablet holder support that allows you to cook while consulting the recipe. To these pluses are then added: a LED system to illuminate the entire work surface, two USB ports to recharge mobile devices and a light that stimulates photosynthesis giving the possibility of housing a small hanging garden for the cultivation of aromatic plants.

Finally, this hood uses Circle.Tech technology, in which the filtering apparatus develops horizontally and the outgoing air passes through a filtering body that wraps the motor and is spread evenly. This allows to obtain excellent performance in terms of suction, filtration and silence. Finally, the exclusive combined Carbon.Zeo filter, which uses materials of natural origin such as zeolite and activated carbon, retains odors with maximum effectiveness.


Sintesi by Falmec Lab won an Iconic Award, four European Product Design Awards and the German Design Award. All these competitions reward every year only the best products in terms of functionality, innovation and environmental awareness, able to improve our daily life quality . Sintesi, the new Falmec integrated suction and cooking system, has convinced the juries thanks to its minimalist design, reduced dimensions, energy efficiency and ease of installation and cleaning.


Integrated cooking system, Quantum definitely doesn’t go unnoticed in front of the Good Design Award jury, which rewards it for its clean lines and innovative technology, culminating in an efficient and low-impact culinary experience.


Rialto has been awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2010. Its origins date back to 1955 and each year lights up the most important trends in the world. Rialto has been designed by Antoniazzi and Niolu inspired by the handrails of the homonymous bridge in Venice. A model that therefore honors the tradition of our land while combining it with exclusive technologies. For example, the possibility of ordering it in Fasteel, a special anti-fingerprint steel that, thanks to the use of No finger print technology, keeps the hood beautiful and shiny over the years.


Prestige model, designed by Emo Design, was awarded a Red Dot Design Award in 2010, winning one of the coveted red points that the jury assigns to products with a high quality design. Prestige has been exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museums and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook. This hood stands out for its technological features combined with an aesthetic that also makes it an ambient lamp with shaped and tempered white or black glass.


Dama, created by Emo Design, won both a Good Design Award in 2017 and an Iconic Award in 2018. The Good Design Award is one of the most prestigious international awards given to the most innovative products of the year. The Iconic Awards aims to promote life quality through a functional design. Dama, by Circle.Tech collection, is an 'object' that goes far beyond the simple hood and takes on the dual role of furnishing element and lighting body. It integrates in a single body suction and filtration, maximizing efficiency, reducing clutter and providing new and original design possibilities.

Oceano E.ion™.

Oceano E.ion™, entirely designed by Falmec Lab, was awarded a Good Design Award in 2017 and an Iconic Award in 2018. It is part of the E.ion™ System collection that acts through controlled bipolar ionization, eliminating bad odours up to 95%. It has a linear and minimal design combined with high performances, such as the perimeter suction that involves the entire length of the structure. This is why it has convinced two juries that operate on the basis of criteria such as: concept, innovation, quality of design, functionality, practicality and ergonomics.


Bellaria, created by Marco Zito, won an European Product Design Award in 2017 thanks to the essential and elegant design that makes it a luminous piece of furniture perfect for any environment. Equipped with dimmable LED light and made of precious Murano glass, Bellaria is a real jewel that preserves the refined E.ion™ System technology capable of actually sanitizing the air from bacteria, viruses, pollens, molds and mites.


Prisma, designed by Saggia Sommella, was awarded a Good Design Award in 2014 thanks to its special multi-faceted design made only with the highest quality materials (white or black tempered glass and AISI 304 stainless steel with scotch brite finish) and its features standards that include a touch keypad and an ambient LED light to enhance the kitchen.


Materia, created by Saggia Sommella, won a Good Design Award in 2017 satisfying the criteria of beauty and functionality required by the jury in charge. Materia keeps up with the latest trends of rediscovering textural and industrial appeal such as concrete (the material this hood is made of). In addition, it is part of the Circle.Tech collection that, using the space in a horizontal rather than vertical way, allows to give space to the creativity of designers and architects. It also uses Carbon.Zeo technology to eliminate bad odours and humidity thanks to two totally natural materials (active charcoal and zeolite).


A hood that disappears into the kitchen ceiling; it’s a very smart appliance, with tremendous stylistic presence.Alba wins the Good Design Award (2018) highlighting Falmec's talent in creating extraction solutions increasingly designed to meet the minimalist tastes of the contemporary market.

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